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Need to see a dietitian

Have you received a recent diagnosis? Do you want to manage your diabetes, understand your allergies or intolerances, lose weight, or feel better overall? Learn how to improve your health through diet and proper nutrition!

Choose a specialized dietitian

REAL Dietitian boasts an extensive rigorously screened nationwide network of dietitians who are held to the highest telecounseling standards. REAL Dietitian’s network is composed of condition-specific expert dietitians catered to fit each client’s unique needs.


Control your schedule

REAL Dietitian fits your schedule. Book an appointment anywhere at anytime and consult with your REAL Dietitian in your home, at the office, or wherever is most convenient for you.


Book an appointment anywhere at anytime



Flexible appointments to fit your busy schedule

Lower costs

30% less than an in-person appointment

The REAL Problem

Diet related diseases and conditions are rapidly increasing, yet dietitians are extremely underutilized in the healthcare. Patients lack a simplified, seamless solution to access a dietitian.

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